Comprehensive Tax Advisory Services

We're a different kind of tax partner. We're not the typical, large tax firm that only talks to you when it's time to fill out your tax returns. We're intentionally focused on offering a superior level of service to a smaller set of clients. We spend our time working directly with individuals and business owners in a trusted advisor role. We're here for more than annual tax filings. We're here to make sure your business prospers and that your bookkeeping, tax, and compliance needs are met.

Bookkeeping & Tax-Ready Financials 

High quality financial reports help you make better business decisions.  The quality of this information completely depends on the timeliness and accuracy of your daily, monthly, quarterly and annual journal entries. Many online tools now exist making it easy for your bookkeeper to help without ever stepping foot in your office.

Tax Preparation & Tax Compliance

Each year the tax forms become longer and more complex. Periodic filings are mandated by many levels of government and they all have different due dates. Multistate apportionment and nexus issues can trigger filing requirements that you weren't even aware of.  And worst of all, uncertainty about future changes to tax law is higher than ever. 


International Tax Compliance

Lately the IRS has given a renewed focus on the proper reporting of foreign financial accounts. The penalties for noncompliance are stiff, but programs are available to lessen the impact for those who disclose their situation timely and voluntarily. Call us immediately if you receive a FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) letter from your bank or if you think you need to file an FBAR report.   


Tax Planning & Consulting

A little front-end planning can go a long way in saving money later. Have you ever thought about setting up a SEP for your small business? Need advice on sheltering income in an IRA versus a 401(k)? Is it time to restructure your organization for maximum tax efficiency? Are you considering upgrading your current financial system? Would it benefit you to completely outsource your entire tax or bookkeeping department?


Special Tax Situations

When life happens, tax gets more complicated. Your tax situation will be significantly impacted if you get married, sell property, send a child to college, declare bankruptcy, or receive a distribution from an estate or trust.  Avoid receiving letters from the IRS by having it handled correctly the first time.


Entity Formation & Business Consulting

For federal tax purposes, a Texas LLC can elect to be treated as a C corporation, S Corporation, partnership, or disregarded entity. All of these structures have different requirements and tax benefits.  Have you carefully considered what your optimal organizational form would be based on your ownership structure and tax minimization goals?